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How to Be Gozi

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Have you ever felt like the world was just going downhill? Like there isn't enough love to go around? Does this make you angry? Are you passionate about preserving life, and take no nonsense when it comes to caring for the planet? If the asnwer to these questions is yes you have the same feelings as those who are gozi.
Gozi originates from southern africa. In xhosa ingozi means danger or evil spirit. Similar to punk styles but more basic and with rnb elements.


  1. Know what you stand for. Being gozi is all about knowing what you care about and defending it. Learn to love all races, religions, sexual orrientations, and treat everyone with respect. Care about the environment and all creatures in it. Become a vegatarian, and if you're hxcore a vegan -check out PETA-. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, recycle, save. Get involved with your local community, and try to make a difference.
  2. Get the attitude. Be confident in who you are and what you stand for. Do not be discouraged if you come across people who do not agree with you, stand your ground but remember everyone has the right to an opinion
  3. Get the look. Gozi means evil or danger, and thats the basis of the style. (Now don't go out and buy an evil t-shirt and a pocket knife.) Girls usually wear black jeans or red/grey/green plaid skirts, studed belts, an interesting print t-shirt bought from the dude section, patterned converse or bright red heels to match with red lips, and a green wristband. Guys wear black jeans, studded belts print shirts, patterned converse, and the green wristband.
  4. Get the make up. Gozi make up is really basic and easy to do. Start with a good concealer for skin to cover any blemishes if you have them, healthy skin is important as it represents a pure insides, improve it by using a good moisturiser, taking off makeup every night, and drinking alot of water and eating more than 5 fruit or veg a day. Skin is usually naturally tanned or dark as this is southern africa and the sun has it's ways. You might need to get a fake tan "Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion" works great. For the eyes do a smokey eye using black eyeliner, mascara and grey or brown make up. On the lips you have to have a red lipstick or gloss. Invest in a good make up remover and moisuriser.
  5. Get the hair. Get a fullet. This is short for a fashion mullet. Do not get it confused with a mullet, totally different styes, get a hair cut with short sides and a long back, with some bangs. Check images for example.
  6. Get the personality.Be good listener, and not to hyper or easily excitable. Try to be calm and down to earth. Don't be emo about everything sure the world is going downhill, but by doing just a little bit, you can make a difference.


  • Do not try to hard.
  • Do not hate or judge others who do not share your beliefs.
  • Do not become obsessed with saving the planet.


  • People have opinions, they also like thinking that only theirs matter. Be prepared for earfulls from the literbugs and the ignorant.

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