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How to Be an Ethnic Scene Girl

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Okay, so you've stumbled upon this article because you have admired the scene fashion. But most of the scene girls you've seen are Caucasian, aren't they. Well anybody can be scene, even if you ARE of a different race.


  1. For some ethnicities, it's tough being scene, especially African Americans, because they usually have permed hair and you don't want to damage your hair.
  2. Work on your hair - Hair is a big part of the scene look. There are many different scene hair styles you can do, a popular one, is side-swept bang and teased hair. But try to be a little more original. Don't be afraid to try new things, dye your hair a crazy color, experiment with streaks and things like that. A more family suitable hair idea are long bangs with pin straight hair. If you have curly/wavy hair don't try any of these hair styles without straightening it first. Also you can pull your hair into a low ponytail with your bang and chunks of hair falling by your sideburns. Headbands are good too, you can put them over your bang to train it to stay forward, its good if you have the kind of hair that flys everywhere in the wind. Bows and clips are good too.
  3. Wear the makeup - Wear concealer if you have any unsightly blemishes, scene girls are supposed to be an image of perfection. Wear dark makeup, avoid neon unless your glam scene, but I seriously wouldn't recommend light eye makeup if you had a darker complexion. You don't necessarily need to wear lipstick/gloss but unless your more glamorous, red/pink is fine, but if your darker, go for a darker tinted lipstick. Stay neutral.
  4. Learn the clothes
    • Tops & Bottoms- A general scene outfit is graphic tees and skinny jeans. But not limited to that, you can also wear tutus and leggings but don't always try to wear a graphic tee with that, try to be more classy when wearing skirts. Another big thing is printed skinny jeans, animal prints, plaid, stars, etc. Oversized tee shirts and leggings are cute too. But don't get tees too big or it will look like a plain old dress, not too small, or it'll look like a regular tee and you'll look trashy. Keep it above the knee but below the waist. In the winter stick to your skinny jeans, for coats bomber jackets and puffer coats are good. Never wear actual hats if you've teased your hair or it WILL mess it up, earmuffs are more suitable.
    • Shoes- Ballet flats printed or solid work. Vans, Converse, DCs, Punk Rose, and other skater shoes work with skinny jeans. But if you decide to wear the leggings, heels and flats look better. Sneakers and a skirt look ghetto.

  5. Know that scene is all about accessories - Cheap bracelets are not in, wear bangles and gold/silver bracelets. Unless theyre actual rubber bands/scrunchies, save the cheap ones for the 5 year olds. Pearl necklaces are cute, if they're extra long, wear it wrapped once or twice around your neck. You can also wear multiple gold/ silver necklaces, but think small for those. Also to go with your jeans, you can wear studded/printed belts. Plain white or black is acceptable.


  • HAVE CONFIDENCE!!!! that is the most important tip out of all. You have to have some faith in yourself, because if you are scene, when you go out people WILL stare. So you have to get used to it.
  • Gradually become scene, if you've been preppy all your life, don't tease your hair and wear brass knuckle necklaces tomorrow. You'll be called a poser
  • Get a myspace, stickam, buzznet, vampire freaks, and facebook profile. They help you stay popular and up to date.
  • Try to get facial piercings if your old enough/allowed. Mainly becuase your ears will be corvered by your hair. Some you can get are snakebites, septums, eyebrow piercings, monroes, medusas and many more.
  • GO OUT! To be scene you need to be "seen" don't sit around the house all day looking beautiful and sending out friend requests.
  • Take great pictures of yourself, store a lot in your camera but don't put them all on myspace. That means less picture comments because people are not going to sit there looking through your 500 albums. Take pictures with friends to prove you have a life. But don't set it as your default, unless your sharing a profile or something stupid. Never post more than 12 pictures in one album and don't have more than 5 albums.


  • Never admit your scene or you will be called a poser.
  • When people call you emo, scene, or goth say NO to all!
  • If you get scene friends, don't annoy them, they don't need you. They can drop you just as fast as they befriended you.
  • Know that since you are a scene girl of a different nationality, you may be made fun of at times. Lets face it, people are cruel. Remember these 3 words, STAND YOUR GROUND. Dont let anybody make you change your style,its who you are. And by all means, if you think your sexy than damn it hun, you are!
  • Be careful of where you are, because people on the punk scene HATE scene people.

Things You'll Need

  • Hairspray
  • Makeup
  • Clothes
  • Internet
  • Friends
  • Camera
  • Confidence

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