Friday, 14 August 2009


Okay so I have some spare time this summer, so I want to know from you
what you would like to see more of.

Write a comment.
Do you want more makeup tips, more images, different hairstyles, different scenes etc.


  1. More emo/scene girls with curly hair!
    Link us to some Gozi blogs/websites.

  2. i'd like to see more black guys with scene hair

  3. Other hair styles besides scene.
    Like black goths, punks and ravers.
    Especially goths.
    And more guys.
    And outfits as well

    And if you have scene hair, try putting ones with more color.

  4. more shoulder length emo/scene hairstyles. and more emo/scene outfits would be nice.
    not to mention makeup tips and pictures :)

  5. girl emo hairstyles for curly/non permed hair

  6. ummm im spanish and like u could add like one of my pictures cuz i have like an "emo" cut in red and it works

  7. More pictures of girls with highlights would be great(:
    Heres a few of mine...
    With All Black Hair:

    Black and Brown:

    Feel free to use any of my pictures. Also these are some I found online:

  8. Soup can labels suckkk,
    like seriously?
    how do yew be "original" when
    yer copying someone elses style?
    or as most posers say
    'getting ideas'?
    yew can be the way yew are without
    calling yerself 'emo, scene, punk, and goth'
    that stuff is just stupid.
    if yew wanna conform to a stereotype
    then be my guest,
    but know that its posers like yew who give
    the originals a bad name...

  9. I'd Like To See More Black Scene Guys, Scene Hairstyles With Highlights, Clip In Hair Extensions And If You Could Write Who They Are.
    Thanks =] x

  10. I'd like to know how to get random color of streaks in a weave. Do you bleach certain spots blonde, then dye? Can you buy weave like that? thanks very much!!!!

  11. Anything longish. Cuz my parents wont let me cut my hair. other info, Tokio Hotel has awesome scene hair!!! Bill or whatev his name is. More emo and scene hair, including makeup. ;)