Sunday, 14 June 2009

How To Do Emo Make-Up When You're Dark Skinned?

Most of the time you don't see dark skinned emo/scene kids. So, if your skin is dark, and you are emo/scene, you might like to know how to do your makeup correctly!

  1. Put on a light foundation close to or the same color as your skin, although most scene kids prefer paler looking skin. The foundation color would be your preference.
  2. Apply a grey, black, or a neon colored eyeshadow to your eyelid below the crease.
  3. Know that every scene kid uses black eyeliner. It could be pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. Apply eyeliner to your top and bottom lash lines. You can also put on a thin or heavy line of eyeliner on your eyelid right above where your eyelashes start. (This is not something you have to do! But if you do this step connect your lines to create cat eyes!)
  4. Apply mascara to your to top and bottom lashes.
  5. Put on chap stick or whatever lip product you want to use. Most scene kids have bright lips in vibrant shades of color, but emo kids have nude,pale lips. But you could choose which one you want.
  6. Touch up if needed!
  7. Go show yourself off!
  • Do not put on so much makeup that you look like a raccoon since while it is supposed to heavy, do not over do it.
  • Make sure you have cute accessories that match your makeup and your emo-tastic or scene-eriffic outfit.
  • Liquid eyeliner is the best because it is darker and wont blend in.
  • If you like the thick line of eyeliner try it before going out and realizing you look like a clown
  • Don't have preppy makeup one day and then emo/scene makeup the next day. You'll seem like a poser.
  • Don't put too much make-up