Saturday, 29 November 2008

African Emo/Scene Guy Hair

African Guy Emo/Scene Hair
Black African Guy Emo Hair, african emo black hair

Black African Guy Emo/Scene Hair
Black African Guy Emo Hair


  1. Wow his hair is tight. Thanks so much for this! I'm growing my hair out to get a perm or a relaxer to do something interesting. I've done a mohawk or frohawk before but now i want something different. I was discouraged when i couldn't find any black guys with a scene/emo cut and this brought my hopes up. thanks alot. keep updating cause i'm going to keep visiting.

  2. dude im black and i cant seem to get my hair to stay stright like yours. im not emo but i like the hair and clothing style.

    can you help me on how i can fix my hair to get it to stay stright.

    so far i got a perm and relaxer to get my hair stright but not it wont stsy stright.

  3. im on the way to do my hair in scene style i had it scene b4

    u can check it out, but i had to cut it

    best way to do it grow ur hair

    ALLLLLL the way out really long

    then relax it, or just go to a salon and get it flat ironed that will actually b better than gettin it relaxed, its easier on ur hair

  4. I also have african american hair and have styled it all scene and cool. I have Pictures of it that I would like to share on this site but I dont know how. :(

  5. my brother would love your hair he has it more choppy looking though im going to send this pic to him right now